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I invite you to walk through the halls with me on a Sunday morning to hear the different languages being spoken in the worship of our Lord. The people in these congregations have literally come from every corner of the world. Many have chosen to come to our country, but there are those who have been forced to flee their countries to make a new home in a foreign land. From a Christian perspective, these individuals and families who gather with their fellow countrymen are our guests and look to us for a warm welcome and hospitality as they begin their lives anew. I hope you will consider joining in the support of these congregations and ministries as they seek to build new lives in a foreign land. Your gift will help support the facilities and nurture of all who come to worship in Christ's name. You can have a part in supporting this enterprise offering a mission outreach to these who have come to us. As you might imagine, much is needed in language and cultural understanding to support the transition from a totally different way of life. Needed also are individuals and sister congregations to join hands with these congregations offering your presence and resources as they grow in numbers and outreach. Please prayerfully consider supporting this innovative outreach to the world and know your gift will be securely transmitted and used by this ministry. Dr. Gary Cook, Executive Director
Pony Creek Baptist Church
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