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Gaston Christian Center COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the ministry of the Gaston Christian Center. For the first months of the pandemic the non-profits and the congregations were steadfast in their support of the ministry of Healing Hands Health Care Ministry being the priority use of the building. Healing Hands has been in a vital role of identifying their patients who had COVID-19 symptoms and then referring them to treatment facilities. The other ministries and congregations operated from home or on a reduced schedule at the Center. In recent weeks some have begun to operate from the Center according to best practices for operating safely. All are greatly anticipating the day when they can operate again in the way they did before the pandemic. Please join us in prayer for that wonderful day to come.

There are 23,436 non-profits in North Texas. Only 5% of them have an operating budget of more than $1M. many are trying to make every dollar count. The average renter cost per square foot in Dallas is $24.46 Gaston Christian Center only charges $10.00/sq. ft every non-profit with us can put more right to the cause and not to rent.
Gaston Christian Center provides building space at reduced rate for non-profits and congregations. Two of the most pressing needs in our country are with healthcare and refugee assistance. Through the ministries housed with us those needs are being met daily. Having so many non-profits in one building creates synergy and collaboration to help one other achieve goals.
8515 Greenville Avenue • Dallas, TX 75243